The search has begun for BIM Show Live 2019 speakers

Call for papers is now closed

When we launched BIM Show Live (BSL) several years ago, we had one goal: to create an industry event with integrity.

From the very beginning, we made a commitment to having authentic content, delivered with passion, by people who knew what they were talking about and who weren’t afraid to share what they know.

Over the years we’ve evolved and taken BSL through various forms which have morphed into the show we know today, but we can honestly say that throughout its lifespan, the BSL mission has remained the same: authenticity, passion and a hunger for new technology. And now we’re excited to open our call for papers for 2019 and invite the best in the business to show us what they’ve got – what you’ve got!

This year we continue to evolve. We’ve shifted the streams about a bit (we’ll get onto that later) and we want to invite anyone to make a papers proposal. We say “anyone” because this event is open to anyone – regardless of your experience, your gender, your appearance or where in the world you are based. We want the best in the construction industry to speak about the most interesting topics. This call for papers is open.

Every year we get feedback after the event – via Twitter, to our faces, from our sponsors and in the surveys that three out of four of you fill out after the event(!). We believe that the format works. The streams allow people to mix and match amongst themes, without having to know the exact content of every class, you can curate your own agenda that way. But we need to keep the streams relevant, so this year we’ve amended them slightly so that we can attract the right type of submissions and BSL visitors get to hear about what is important to them. So here are the four streams for 2019:


This one is for the geeks.

How are you applying today’s technology into your businesses in new ways to affect change? We don’t want to hear about what you are planning to do if someone will invent it, but how you are taking what’s out there today and using it to make a difference in your projects and in your businesses.

We’re looking for the application of innovation and what technologies you’re using, how and why they work and what they do to change outcomes.

This show is about advancement, the latest techniques, digital trends and shared experiences – we’re looking for talks that will impress and really show our audiences what our industry is made of.


Tell us what you did and how you did it.

You’ve had seven years since Paul Morrell stood up and told us about the mandate, six years since it was written down in the strategy, and you’ve had two years since it came into ‘force’. You’ve had enough time – now tell us what you did and how you did it (and what worked and what didn’t). We guarantee you, tell credible stories here and you’ll be the star of the show and probably end up in the trade press.

Tell us your story, about your project, and back it up with some facts. It isn’t that hard and we bet your client doesn’t really want you to keep a secret about how much you all nailed that last project! So, go on, ask for their permission, and if they frown, tell them its old news anyway and that you’ll do it better next time because you learned how on the last one!

You have a unique opportunity to tell your story on how your organisation has fulfilled its digital potential. We’re looking for exemplar case-study-based talks on BIM and digital construction delivery.


People + Technology = Change

We’ve heard it a million times – technology adoption is about people. Whether it’s the process you’ve been through, the project you nailed, or the way in which you used technology to inspire a new generation of children to aspire to work in construction, every year people ask us why we didn’t have more stories about the people behind the technology. And the answer is always that we didn’t get enough submissions!

Who is changing the industry, which groups are making a difference, and what amazing things have people achieved when they put their minds to it? This stream is about exploring the many ways in which people + technology = change. Tell us about them now.

We all know that BIM is about the technology delivery process, but we can’t forget the people behind this delivery.

Next Generation

This is the place to tell everyone your best ideas.

As Brendon Burchard said: “Success and fulfilment come from your unflagging ability to believe in what other people call impossible”.

This is the place to tell everyone your best ideas. The ones that have the power to disrupt, to challenge what we do today, and the ones that excite you. Next generation is all about looking at what might happen if we were to frame a problem in a way that others hadn’t considered before, so that we see different solutions.

What technology caught your attention? Why did it do so? We all see things that inspire us every day, and this stream is about allowing those thoughts to play out with the audience. Share your ideas and invite others to share them with you.

The construction industry is renowned for a lack of investment in technology and has stagnated for many years as a result. Today we are seeing unprecedented levels of investment in construction technologies, and disruption is all around us. Explore this vibrant space and share the highlights this year at BIM Show Live.

We believe these streams give everyone the opportunity to tell their story. If you’re a dreamer, a geek, a pragmatist or a doer, then we want to hear from you. If you share our passion for integrity, technology and the construction industry, then what is holding you back? Tell us what you’d like to share and hopefully we’ll welcome you to the best show in the Toon to share it with us all, meet some great people and go back home inspired from everything else you heard.

Here are a few things you need to know before submitting your paper:

  1. Proposal papers should be written in English.
  2. Make sure you have an awesome title that will make people want to come and hear what you have to say.
  3. Seminar sessions are all 45 minutes long. When planning your talk, ensure you have enough engaging content to keep your audience captivated for this length of time!
  4. Keep your proposal short yet meaningful. We’re not looking for a dissertation on your talk, more like a pitch of your idea – an outline of what, who, why and how, plus what’s the take-away for your audience.
  5. Consider pitching your proposal in a video – after all this is a tech conference!
  6. Tell us who you are, what you do, where you do it, and why you are the right person to speak about your chosen subject.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got to share!