The search has begun for BIM Show Live 2020 speakers

Call for Papers is now CLOSED.

Thank you for all of your BIM Show Live 2020. We have had an extraordinarily high standard and volume of papers entered, so now OUR hard work begins!

Successful submissions will be announced at the start of December. Keep your eye on your inbox at the end of the month to see if your entry has been picked to speak at the event.



Are you applying today’s technology to your businesses and projects to achieve positive results? Are you staying ahead of the curve and making a real difference?

We want to hear about your application of innovation. What technologies you’re using, how and why they work and what they do to transform outcomes.


What technologies have you trialled? What processes have you tested? Where have you achieved success and where have you failed?

We want to hear your real life stories. Tell us about your projects, what you did, how you did it and what you’ve learned.


Who is changing the industry? Which groups are making a difference? What amazing things have you achieved?

We want to hear about the processes you’ve adopted, the successful projects you’ve delivered and how you’re using technology to inspire others.

Next Generation

What technologies have caught your attention? What advancements should the industry embrace?

We want to hear about the ideas that have the power to disrupt, to challenge what we do today, and the ones that excite.